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LuminArte Gallery, in the prestigious Dallas Design District, showcases contemporary award-winning mid-career national and international artists, whose work is found in private, corporate, and museum collections world-wide, including:  Merrill Lynch Collection, Alon Corp USA, Chateau Haut-Brion, FR, The Museum of Latin American Art, CA, Center for the Arts, NY, National Museum of Art, Bolivia, The Jewish Museum, NY, The White House, DC. 

Monumental public art installations include the Itami Cultural Hall, Japan, Port St. Lucie, FL, Palm Desert CA, Boulder Co, and the UNT College of Business, Texas. 

Representing over 50 artists from more than two dozen countries, LuminArte presents collectors, corporate clients and designers with a thoughtful and diverse array of artwork in a variety of media, styles and techniques.


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LuminArté Presents:

Cultural Revolution

June 27th – August 8th, 2015
Artist reception on June 27th, 7-10PM

Synthesis of Advertising by Andriy Halashyn

LuminArte Gallery examines the catalysts of cultural evolution in the summer showcase, Cultural Revolution, analyzing the various movements that shape societal changes through depictions of popular culture, consumerism, social and political satire, religion, race relations, feminism, street art and eroticism. This fun, yet edgy exhibition of contemporary, local and international art opens on June 27th, with an artist reception from 7:00 – 10:00PM and runs through August 8th. Both the reception and exhibition are free and open to the public.

Venus in a Condo by Joe Vaux

Cultural Revolution showcases local and Texas based artists, including Patrick McGrath Muniz, Jamie Rice, John Milton, Aliester Moffitt, Francisco Javier and Jess Robinson, as well as US artists such as Mark Bueno, Eric Carbrey, Cody A. Seekin, James Perez, Martin Stensaas, Salvatore Zagami, Android Jones, Joe Vaux, James Rodriguez and Donna Lee Steffens.  International artists, such as Chris Dyer, Yair Aviv, Andriy Halashyn, Alejandro Leyva, Antonio Guerrero,Hector Pineda, Nicolantonio Mucciaccia, Martina Hoffmann, Paula Rosa, He Si’en, Viktorija Bulava, and Ana Llestin portray artistic perspectives, grounded in the cultures of Canada, Israel, Ukraine, Germany, Cuba, Italy, China, Latvia, and Spain.
The term cultural revolution has multiple meanings within the context of history and relates to themes of nationalism, intellectualism, sexuality, spirituality and various forms of political, economic and social ideology. Throughout the world, societies are shaped through a range of progressive movements, which are often artistic in scope and sometimes violent in means. In contemporary times, technological advancements have directed cultural progression in modes ranging from scientific breakthroughs to advancing global consumerism. China, for example, etched out a status as a closed Communist society though a violent class struggle, referred to as the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, but has within the last generation become one of the new engines of Capitalism, in a display of the dynamic momentum of history and culture.


Jesus and Gorilla by Salvatore Zagami       Police by Salvatore Zagami



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