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LuminArté Gallery, conveniently located in the Dallas Design District, showcases contemporary award-winning artists, as well as bright emerging talent. Representing over fifty artists from more than two dozen countries, LuminArté continues to embrace the local art community by showcasing regional artists, hosting an artist in residence program, and by providing workshops and continuing education opportunities.  In addition, the gallery provides art placement and interior design consultation, presenting collectors, designers and corporate clients with a diverse array of artwork in a variety of media, styles and techniques.



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LuminArté Presents

"Arte Latino"

June 14th - August 23rd

Opening Reception: Saturday June 14th, from 7 – 10pm

The second installment of Arte Latino at LuminArte Gallery opens on June 14 with a reception from 7-10 PM and will consist of 36 artists from 10 countries, including Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, USA and Venezuela. This electrifying selection of Latin American artwork includes paintings, sculpture, photography and fashion and will run through the end of July, consisting of several smaller events that are meant to highlight cultural creativity and diversity within the Latin American community. Participating artists include Patricia Mariaca, Fabricio Lara, Keiko Gonzalez, Angeles Fabbri, Erika Ewel , Alex Zapata, Roberta Masciarelli, Daniela Matchael, Maria Hunt, Bruno Angel, Alexandra Betancur, Cristina de Castro, Luis Fernando Echeverri, Lorena Fernandez Abuchaibe, Juliana Ferreyros, Jaime Ferreyros, Beatriz Ocampo, Cesar Santafe, Rossana Solis, Maria Clara Villamil, Francisco Ceron, Alicia H. Torres, Lina Linkimer, Bravo Vitrum, Chema Gil, Araceli Salcedo, Luis Fernando Camacho, Jessica M.Chaix, Anica Shpilberg, Anabel Peicher, Raquel Rub, Lara Campiglia, Paul Pena, Flavia D'Ascoli, Jean-Paul Khabbaz and Oswaldo Sandoval; and several artists will be in attendance in the opening reception. Both the reception and exhibition are free and open to the public.


"Here Comes the Sun"

Roberta Masciarelli Artist Showcase

June 21 –July 12
Opening Reception June 21st, 7-10PM

Fons Aquarum

"Fons Aquarum" by Roberta Masciarelli

In the artwork of Roberta Masciarelli, the viewer discovers a sacred place assembled from found objects that resonate with a purpose almost forgotten. One finds a soul searching, subconscious yearning to explore the space that inhabits our imagination as well as the infinite space of the universe.  Lyrical lines create action and a sense of energy flowing from the Source, while matter materializes into mechanical forms that initiate a ritual, which is symbolic and meticulous, yet playful and transcendent.



Colombian Artist Showcase

July 19th - August 23rd
Opening Reception July 19th, 7-10PM

Alexandra Betancur- "Fusión"

LuminArte is proud to feature a brilliant collection of Colombian fine artworks by contemporary artists, including Bruno Ángel, Alexandra Betancur, Pily A. Correa, Cesar Correa, María Fernanda Velasco, Jorge Gálvez, Mariluz Mejía, Susana Hernández, Martha Elena Espinoza, Cesar Santafé, Andrés Andrade, Bibiana Martínez, Adriana Giraldo, Rosa Arboleda, Luz Beatriz Londoño, Maky – María Clara Villamil, Hortensia Manrique, Pedro José Rojas, Lorena Fernández, Cristina De Castro, Cristina Barrero-Nefacris, María Isabel Parra, Juliana Ferreyros, Jaime Ferreyros, Francisco Ceron and Alicia H. Torres.


"Texas, It's a Culture Thing"

Texas Artist Showcase

September 13th - October 18th
Opening Reception September 13th, 7-10PM


Judith Seay Artist Showcase

September 27th - October 18th
Opening Reception September 27th, 7-10PM

Dance in the Light

Judith Seay "Dance in the Light"



3rd Annual Juried International Exhibition of Contemporary Islamic Art
October 25th to November 29th, 2014

Entry Deadline: 8/22/14

Click here for details





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